Choosing your slab

Each piece in unique

in it’s own way.

Our live edge tables are one of a kind. Every slab is different and presents it’s own unique design. We use any different methods in dealing with these pieces of wood including resin work, bow tie inlays,and steel work supports. We instill old world techniques of woodworking as well as new and innovative ways to achieve the perfect piece of furniture for our clients. Our walnut wood is sourced from both Texas and Washington State. Although it’s our main species of wood sold we have plenty of exotic slabs in our inventory as well. feel free to ask for our up to date inventory for your project.


Wood Species

  • Black Walnut

  • Post Oak

  • Parota

  • Monkey Pod

  • Cypress

  • Pecan

  • Sycamore

Construction type

Single Slab

Bookmatched Set

Multi plank glue up

Together we will work with you to get the perfect design as well as the right size to fit into your work or living space.





Live Edge Walnut Conference table.

Many different sizes available as well as many different finishes. Please contact for more information.